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Learning The Value of Thrifting

To be honest, I was not a fan of thrift stores when I was in my early teenage years. To me, it just felt weird to buy clothing that other people had possibly worn. As the baby in the family, I was used to getting hand me downs from my sister and cousins, but those were people I actually knew. We always want new things if Mom and Pop are buying, right?  But, being raised in a household where money was always tight, I started working at 13 years old. This was to help out my family and of course, buy the things I wanted.

As I grew older and was spending my own money, instead of my parents, I began to understand the value of thrifting. Being able to get the most out of my money was my top priority. Sure, I could go to the mall and spend $100.00 on one or two outfits, but, I could also go to the thrift store and get five or more outfits for the same amount of money. There were also times when I would buy items from the mall. We are all entitled to splurge every once in a while, especially if we are usually saving money. Being thrifty doesn’t always mean shopping exclusively at secondhand stores. I will shop every clearance rack I come across in any store. 

By taking the thrifting route, I am able to purchase more name brand clothing for myself and my kids, and well, we all know how fast kids can outgrow their clothing. Not to mention, the ever changing preferences and styles!

My One Rule

Even though I am the self-proclaimed Thrifting Queen, I do have ONE rule while shopping at thrift stores. I never buy undergarments of any kind (underwear, bras) unless they are in the original retail packaging.  I know some people who don’t have an issue with it as the items are getting washed anyway, but for me, that’s a no no.

It all comes down to personal preferences when deciding if thrift store shopping is for you. If you enjoy spending $50+ on a pair of jeans at the mall, thrifting is NOT for you. But, if you LOVE thrifting, start shopping with us now at

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