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5 Closet Organization Tips For The Perpetual Thrifter

Is your closet so full of your thrift store finds that you literally can’t FIND anything? We’ve all been there, but it doesn’t have to be a disorganized mess.

Try these great tips for an organized closet:
  • First, go through your entire closet. Sort items into four piles: “Keep”, “Donate”, “Reuse/Repurpose/Recycle”, and the optional “Sell”. This can be a tedious job so set aside enough time to complete it. Remember, keep only the items you wear, plan to wear in the near future and the most important, yet harsh, keep the clothing that actually fits you. While organizing my own closet, I found a few tops that I bought because they were beautiful (and cheap) but I had never worn them. The reason they were never worn is because they did NOT fit me when they were purchased. The intention I had, which I am sure most can relate to is, “I will get into that one day.” My love of chocolate, margaritas and french vanilla cappuccino has caught up to me and has forced me to put these items in another pile. I’ll be honest, as I sipped on my margarita, I did put a few things back into my keep pile. No judgement needed.
  • Set up zones –  Organize by season, type of clothing, frequently used, etc.
  • Get creative with storage – Use a cube shelving unit to organize items you don’t want to hang up. Walmart, Ikea, Target and even thrift stores are good places to find these. Shoe racks are also a great way to keep your shoes organized. Maximize space by using all available wall/door space for belts, ties, and handbags.
  • Use baskets/bins to keep the small things out of sight but still within reach.
  • To keep your closet organized and clutter-free, follow this one simple rule; For every new item you put in, two must come out to be donated, recycled, sold, etc. This will keep your closet organized and refreshed with new styles.

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