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Here, we list our 7 most important reasons to shop at Thrift stores:    

  1. You will save money. Well, this is the most obvious one. Saving money is an absolute must for most, if not all of us. With an average savings of 50-80% off retail prices, it just makes perfect financial sense. You can even find new items with retail tags still attached!
  2. Discover a variety of brands you may not have know about before. There have been times where I have found an item that I loved only to look at the label and not recognize it. One perfect example was a beautiful top I found for work for $2.00. Upon further research, thanks to our intelligent friend Google, it was a well-known New York designer. Score!
  3. Nostalgia. I can’t tell you how many times I have been Thrift store shopping and you see constant reminders of years past. You can always find great vintage items that you just don’t see in retail stores anymore. So, go ahead and take that fabulous trip down memory lane! Ahhh…..the 80’s are calling me!
  4. You will have an ever-changing wardrobe. What better way to keep your wardrobe fresh and in style? Since you aren’t spending retail prices on your clothing you can afford to buy more! Right? Yes! I will answer that for you! As for me, I am going to need a bigger closet!
  5. Treasure hunting! Turn yourself into a thrifting detective while browsing the store. You never know what you might find. I have found quite a few valuable items for next to nothing, including a painting I paid $1.00 for that was appraised at $1,200.00!
  6. You can furnish your home with stylish Thrift store finds. You’ll find everything from furniture, linens, home decor, kitchen items and so much more. Not to mention, these stores are perfect if you’re looking for a specific item for a DIY project. Create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home or office.
  7. You’re helping the environment. Keeping items out of the landfill is so important for our environment. It’s amazing the amount of perfectly good items that are thrown out each year.  Reuse, recycle, and/or upcycle!


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