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5 Closet Organization Tips For The Perpetual Thrifter

5 Closet Organization Tips For The Perpetual Thrifter Is your closet so full of your thrift store finds that you literally can't FIND anything? We've all been there, but it doesn't have to be a disorganized mess. Try these great tips for an organized closet: First, go through your entire closet. Sort items into four piles: "Keep", "Donate", "Reuse/Repurpose/Recycle", and the optional "Sell". This can be a tedious job so set aside enough time to complete it. Remember, keep only the items you wear, plan to wear in the near future and the most important, yet harsh, keep the clothing...Read More

7 Reasons To Shop At Thrift Stores

Here, we list our 7 most important reasons to shop at Thrift stores:     You will save money. Well, this is the most obvious one. Saving money is an absolute must for most, if not all of us. With an average savings of 50-80% off retail prices, it just makes perfect financial sense. You can even find new items with retail tags still attached! Discover a variety of brands you may not have know about before. There have been times where I have found an item that I loved only to look at the label and not recognize it. One...Read More

Gift Ideas For The Family

  With the Holidays quickly approaching, we have added a new Christmas category which includes our handpicked selection of great gifts for the entire family! Just click on the Shop tab, the Christmas category will be near the bottom. Click on the Gift Ideas for the Family link and browse our current selections. New items will be added weekly so be sure to check back often. We know how costly shopping for the Holidays can be so we are here to help! You will find great items with fantastic prices so there's no need to stress about the Holidays when...Read More

Something Different………

       For this months' Blog topic, we decided to do something different. With the Holidays quickly approaching, we here at BrynnZilla would like to launch our Acts of Kindness initiative. We understand how hard it can be for some families during this time of the year.  In an effort to give back, we are reaching out to our local community (New Castle County, DE & Cecil County, MD) and will provide the items needed to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for a family who may not be able to afford one this year. This includes a turkey, stuffing mix,...Read More

Learning The Value of Thrifting

To be honest, I was not a fan of thrift stores when I was in my early teenage years. To me, it just felt weird to buy clothing that other people had possibly worn. As the baby in the family, I was used to getting hand me downs from my sister and cousins, but those were people I actually knew. We always want new things if Mom and Pop are buying, right?  But, being raised in a household where money was always tight, I started working at 13 years old. This was to help out my family and of course,...Read More